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Step 2: Are you trying to get your finances in order but your brain is fried with all the strategies that you’ve researched, there are too many moving pieces and you can’t keep up with everything, and you have a hard time focusing on all the tasks that you have to do to just to get started?

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Let's make managing your money as easy as checking your bank account balance on pay day

Let's get real for a minute..

I’m guessing you’ve experienced one of more of the following…

  • When you go to swipe your debit card at the grocery store you have to say a prayer to the money gods that your card is not declined
  • You can tell how close it is to pay day by what you eat for dinner.  Can we say Wendy’s 4 for $4…
  • You wait patiently on pay day like it’s Christmas Day only to find that after you pay bills you feel like the grinch has stolen your Christmas

No, I’m not psychic… I’ve just been there before.

And I get it, in school they spent a crap load of time trying to teach you algebra when teaching you money management would have been more useful. Which has forced you to become an internet detective looking for the best way to get control of the beast that is your finances.

And once you learn you have to maintain a constant juggling act of budgeting, saving, investing and monitoring, no one tells you how to keep all of those balls in the air without them all crashing down on your head. {ouch}

But no worries.

I already knew you were awesome (maybe I am psychic) because you are exactly where you need to be.

What you need is...

  • A system that you don’t need a degree in mathematics and computer science to understand

  • A system that keeps your organized as you go master your way though the maze or reaching your finance goals while being easy to access and update no matter where you are

  • A system that can grow with your bank account as you grow into a personal finance guru


Flourishing Financially
Your Piggie Bank will be Excited

♦ You’ll learn how to use Trello to stay on track and build your relationship with your money quickly and efficiently

♦ You’ll finally be able to stick to the task of managing your money because you’ll have an uber easy method of staying on track

♦ You’ll have piece of mind knowing that you have found a proven system for staying organized that can be applied to all areas of your life 

What’s Inside…

You’ll get 5 pre-made Trello Boards to help you manage your finances even if you’ve never had a “grown up” budget before, you’re not quite sure what after-tax income is or you can never remember the password to get into your online banking app.

HWS Freebies

Finance Relationship Goals Roadmap – Get a preset road map of the initial things you need to do to reach relationship goals with your money.

Money Tracker – See all of your expenses, savings goals, and debt repayment plans at a glance.

Little Black Book – You’ll need a place to keep contacts and links.  That’s where your little black book will always come in handy.

Money Saving Musts – Save money in all the major areas of your life by carrying out these money saving musts.

52-Week Money Challenge – Start your first savings goal with the 52-week money saving challenge

We’ve taken the financial strategies that have been proven to work and wrapped them up into an organization system that is easy enough for a busy mom to use but robust enough that it is used by Fortune 500 companies.

You get this entire suite of Personal Finance Trello Boards for only $12

Why get another $35 overdraft fee just because you bought a $5 coffee that over drafted your account by $1?

Questions Smart People Ask...

Trello is a tool that organizes your projects into boards. It shows you in a glance what you are working on, and where something is in a process. 

No worries at all… Trello is super easy to use and I help you with video tutorials.  I’m also available to answer your questions in our Facebook Group.

The Trello tool is free however you are paying for my personally designed pre-filled set of boards to manage your finance tasks.

Everything is not for everyone so I can’t say that you’re going to love my boards but due to the digital nature of this product all sales are final. I do not offer refunds but I’m willing to help you any way I can to ensure you are successful with this product.

Your piggy bank is hungry, feed him now.

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