Holidays with Family: 5 Tips to Keep You Sane

Family / Monday, October 1st, 2018

Families can be a wonderful blessing, or they can be a major pain during the holidays. Frankly, they can be both at the same time. The stress of the Christmas season, combined with the fact that we see more of each other than during the rest of the year, can bring any tension and arguments to a boiling point.

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Holidays With Family | Families can be a wonderful blessing, or they can be a major pain during the holidays. Learn 5 tips to keep you sane over the holidays. #holidaytips #holidayswithfamily #family #Christmas #Thanksgiving #HWS #healthywealthyskinny

5 Tips For Dealing With Family Issues During The Holidays

Use these 5 tips to keep you sane over the holidays:

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Be Patient and Kind

#1 – Be Patient And Kind

‘Tis the season to be patient and kind. Make this your motto and you’ll enjoy a much more peaceful and relaxed holiday season this year. Remind yourself of this when things get hectic and stressful around Christmas.

I find that the simpler I keep things around the holidays, the easier it is to stay patient and kind. When we have too much on our plate, we get stressed out and irritable. I don’t have to tell you that this leads to a short temper that may cause you to do something you regret later.

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Don't Expect Perfection

#2 – Don’t Expect Perfection

Holidays are stressful times of the year.  Especially when bringing the entire family together.  Being prepared for drama and stressful situations will help you make it though them flawlessly.

This might sound like negative thinking but going to Thanksgiving dinner expecting everything to go smoothly when it never does, only leaves you feeling disappointed. 

Instead, accept the fact that things will not be perfect.  Plan for how you will handle certain situations, and know that even though things aren’t perfect you can still enjoy your time with family.

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Walk Away If You Need To

#3 – Walk Away If You Need To

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. If a situation is stressing you out, or spiralling out of control, get yourself out of there.

Go take a breather and come back when you can get back to being patient and kind. Sometimes just going into a different room for a few minutes or taking a short walk outside will do the trick.

At other times, you just need to leave before you get into an argument with a family member, and that’s ok. There are times when you’re better off getting out of there.

If it’s the only thing that will make it possible for you or the people you care about to enjoy their Christmas, you do what you have to do.

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Know Your Triggers

#4 – Know Your Triggers

Chances are the things that will stress you out over the holidays are not new.  Knowing your triggers will help you deal with sensitive situations.

Once you know the things that make you sad, anxious, or angry come up with a plan what you will do when your buttons are pushed.  Things like walking away, deep breathing, calling a good friend or positive mantras can all help you deal with your anger.

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Postpone Arguments When Possible

#5 – Postpone Arguments When Possible

The holidays only come around once a year. Bite your tongue if you need to and avoid arguments and fights. You don’t have to give in or bend over backwards for family members you don’t get along with.

Think of it more as postponing the argument until after the holidays. Enjoy the time with your loved ones… even the ones who are a little more challenging to love than others.

Holidays with Family  - Tips to Keep You Sane - Remember the Season

Remember The Season

One last thing to keep in mind when you’re struggling with squabbles and fights around the holidays. This is a special time of the year and something you can’t get back. Try to put bad feelings aside and celebrate this special time with your family and friends.

Leave a comment and share how you deal with difficult family members during the holidays.

Family | Families can be a wonderful blessing, or they can be a major pain during the holidays. Learn 5 tips to keep you sane over the holidays. #holidaytips #holidayswithfamily #family #Christmas #Thanksgiving #HWS #healthywealthyskinny

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17 Replies to “Holidays with Family: 5 Tips to Keep You Sane”

  1. I’m SO not a confrontational person, but it’s still uncomfortable for me when other people argue and I have to stand by and listen to it. I’ll definitely be using the “walk away” approach this year ?
    Thanks for some amazing tips, OP

  2. These are all great tips! I spend six weeks with my family from mid-November through Christmas working at the family business. It can be so stressful–especially since I still work my regular job at that time. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it.

  3. I loved this! Holidays can definitely be stressful, but I hope this will help make things a little smoother! Thanks for sharing

  4. I always think of The Griswald’s at Christmas, lol where Ellen says “it’s Christmas we are all in misery”, and the when Clark says “when have I ever gone over board on anything?” LOL These are great tips perfect for the upcoming holidays.

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