Why Postpartum Bodies Are (& Always Will Be) Beautiful

Wellness / Friday, December 20th, 2019

We often talk, as a society, about the joys and unconditional love of motherhood and becoming a new mom (as well as the sleepless nights, of course…). But some of the things that nobody really mentions are the pressures and difficulties associated with postpartum bodies.

At a time in our lives when we are at our most vulnerable — exhausted, looking after a newborn, feeling fragile and trying to navigate our new lives as parents — we are hit with the messaging that we are no longer attractive to society.

We must “bounce back” from our mom bods: get back to our pre-baby weight, hit the gym, and hide our loose stomach skin and stretch marks.

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New moms are often hit with the messaging that we are no longer attractive to society. But this is further from the truth.postpartum bodies are (and always will be) beautiful. #postpartumbodies #motherhood #newmoms #HWS #healthywealthyskinny

New mothers are attacked with these opinions from all angles: via social media, headlines about celebrity moms, adverts promoting postpartum weight loss and dieting, or those not-so-subtle comments from distant relatives…

The message is loud and clear.

It’s true that with motherhood, our body changes — and that embracing our new postpartum body can be tough.

Whether you’ve gained much more weight than you expected to and you just can’t shift it, or huge stretch marks have appeared in places you didn’t even know you could get stretch marks, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed with everything… it’s all completely natural to feel, and it’s part of your journey.

But none of these things make you any less beautiful. We’re here to tell you three awesome reasons why postpartum bodies are (and always will be) beautiful:

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Why Postpartum Bodies Are Beautiful

Postpartum bodies are the result of the greatest miracle: creating life

Postpartum bodies are the result of one of the greatest miracles — creating human life!

Think about it: you’ve carried your baby (or babies) safely for 9-ish months, feeding them, protecting them, and providing them with a safe haven to grow until they are ready to meet the world. And you did all of that with just your body.

How incredible is that?!

Each change — big or small — on your postpartum body is the result of growing your baby. Those stretch marks and loose skin chronicle their growth over the months that you carried them; those scars are from a time where you pushed yourself to your limits to bring that life into the world.

These changes are beautiful; a constant physical reminder of the life you created, and one of the people you love most in the universe — your baby.

Why Postpartum Bodies Are Beautiful

Your postpartum body reflects your journey with honesty

There is something very real and honest about our bodies after we give birth: it’s not a time where we are focused on sucking in our stomachs on beach holidays for that #beachbod Instagram post, or glamming ourselves up for a night out with the girls (although if you are doing either of these things, no judgment!).

Instead, it’s a period where your priorities switch; your focus is on your beautiful new baby; everything else comes second. Your beautiful postpartum body reflects this journey as you become a mother, providing and caring for your child. This body is genuine and genuinely beautiful.

Don’t believe us? Check out the incredible Life After Birth Project that underwear brand Knix has created with online initiate Empowered Birth Project and doula collective Carriage House Birth.

This powerful visual project consists of photos and texts centered around the postpartum experience and celebrating the strength and beauty of postpartum bodies.

By showing raw, honest photos of new moms and their post-baby bodies — whether depicting C-section scars, stretch marks or loose skin — this project inspires pride, encouragement, and love.

We’d recommend it to all new mothers struggling to find beauty in their postpartum body and grappling with the challenges of the fourth trimester.

Why Postpartum Bodies Are Beautiful

Postpartum bodies are strong

It’s easy to get frustrated with your postpartum body, especially in the weeks and months after you’ve just given birth. Whether you’ve given birth naturally or had a cesarean, both have a huge impact on your body.

You’re left wondering why it’s so weak, why you’re tired all the time, and why you can’t do the things you used to do before your baby.

Okay, so it might be harder at the moment to do the things you used to, like that morning spin class or those high-intensity gym sessions. But your strength appears in different ways now.

You and your body have been working hard — and are still working now to provide for your baby; feeding them and nurturing them, helping them to grow. Be proud of your postpartum body and admire it for its strength and power.

These are just three reasons why postpartum bodies are (and always will be) beautiful. Embracing and learning to love your postpartum body after your baby is born can be tough, but remember: you are beautiful.

Be kind to yourself, be proud of your body and what it has achieved; love your body and its journey as much as you love your baby.

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New moms are often hit with the messaging that we are no longer attractive to society. But this is further from the truth.postpartum bodies are (and always will be) beautiful. #postpartumbodies #motherhood #newmoms #HWS #healthywealthyskinny

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