Are You a Fabulous Unicorn Mom?

Family / Monday, December 3rd, 2018

What is a Unicorn Mom?

Well, it is a term that describes me exactly…

I have been searching for a term that describes my “mom style” for roughly 26 years.  My search is finally over.

“Hello, my name is Shawn and I am a Unicorn Mom!”


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What is a Unicorn Mom?

If you Google, “Unicorn Mom” you’ll find the following definition from the urban dictionary:

A mother who’s not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor and couldn’t care less what you think.

There are many different types of moms.

I must say that I am the definition of a unicorn mom, and I am proud of it.  Who knew that there were other moms out there just like me.



Unicorn Moms are Not Perfect

Unicorn moms - What is a Unicorn Mom | Are you a Unicorn Mom


I grew up with what I would call a “perfect mom”.  She was a homemaker who cooked breakfast for my brothers and I every morning and made dinner for us every night.

She was a flawless baker and lived for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My mom was home to help us with our homework and take care of us if we were sick.  She was always there.

My mom was even a substitute teacher at my elementary school for a period of time.

I am nowhere close to being the “perfect mom”.  I hate cooking, I couldn’t imagine not working, and chaperoning a school field trip sounds like absolute torture.

When my son was little… he is now 26 years old.  He would wake up in the mornings on weekends and say “Mommy, where are we going for breakfast.”  He knew at an early age that mommy wasn’t cooking.  LOL

Although I am not a perfect mom, I am an Awesome Mom.  I show up to all school functions.

Even if I am bored out of my mind.

I work hard and ensure that my kids have the resources that they need and I throw in a lot of what they want just to make them smile.

We laugh together, I console them when they are sad, and ensure that they have the life skills that they need to be happy, productive adults that provide value to themselves and society.

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Unicorn Moms Enjoy Alcohol

Unicorn moms - What is a Unicorn Mom | Are you a Unicorn Mom


To be exact, I enjoy wine and vodka.  If there is any group of people who need to take a moment and have a wind-down drink it’s moms.

By no means am I saying it’s a good thing to get drunk in front of your kids.

A fabulous unicorn mom wouldn’t do that!

But when my daughter goes to bed, I most definitely light a few scented candles in my mom cave, turn down the lights, turn on my favorite TV show and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

I also try to go out with the girls and have a few drinks.  Just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean my desire to go out and have a good time was taken away.

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Unicorn Moms Have a Sense of Humor

Unicorn moms - What is a Unicorn Mom | Are you a Unicorn Mom

Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash


I love to laugh.  Life can be difficult and something as simple as laughter can make for a happy life.

If you stop and think about it, most situations are pretty funny.  Especially when kids are involved.

When my son was about 6 and spilled half a bottle of my perfume and thought that I wouldn’t notice, I laughed.

When my daughter was about 4 and thought it was ok to use the word “bitch” because she heard it in a song, I thought it was hilarious.

I recognize the humor in situations, however, I do not let teachable moments pass.  When my son wasted the perfume I allowed him to see that I wasn’t angry and it wasn’t the end of the world.

Mistakes happen.

When my daughter used the “b” word I didn’t allow her to see me giggle.  I explained to her that there are certain words that aren’t appropriate for kids.

She was really young so I didn’t explain the meaning of the word.  She simply needed to know it wasn’t a nice word to use.


Unicorn Moms Don’t Care What You Think

Unicorn moms - What is a Unicorn Mom | Are you a Unicorn Mom

Photo by London Scout on Unsplash


I have to admit, not caring what people thought about me as a mom came with time.  As a young mom, I always wanted to appear that I had it all together.

I would never dare say to my son’s teacher that I didn’t want to bake a homemade cake for his class.  I’d simply agree to participate and then beg my “perfect mom” to help me.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to embrace being a unicorn mom.

I’m quick to say that the cupcakes for my daughter’s class will be from Sams Club.  I actually think they have to be purchased now so the ingredients are listed on the container for kids with allergies.

I’m not ashamed of having to work and not being able to attend the field trip to the Aquarium.

I’m actually super happy I have an excuse not to go.

I stand by all of my decisions as a mom and those that disagree have the right to judge me quietly from afar.


Are you a Unicorn Mom?

If you have read this far and this is starting to sound a lot like you, then you could be a unicorn mom too.

Don’t be ashamed.  It’s time to own it!

All moms are not made alike.  There are multiple ways to love and care for your kids.

Accepting who you are and knowing your strengths and weaknesses only makes you a better mom.


Unicorn Mom Shirts

Here are a few of my favorite team Unicorn accessories to help you wear your unicorn mom badge proudly.

Unicorn Moms Unite

Unicorn moms - What is a Unicorn Mom | Are you a Unicorn Mom


There are tons of unicorn moms out there.

You just have to know where to look.

Here are a few places to unite with other unicorn moms that are enjoying being a mom, loving their kids, having a drink, and not caring what people think.

Unicorn Moms on YouTube

Here is the official Unicorn Moms YouTube Channel.  Check out the video below where Kristi and Maria talk about the Unicorn Mom community.

Unicorn Moms Facebook

Here is the official Unicorn moms facebook page.

You’ll find funny unicorn mom memes, great stories, and unicorn mom gear.


Unicorn Moms Instagram

You can also find unicorn moms on Instagram.  Follow @unicornmoms on Instagram and add some glitter to your Instagram feed.


Leave a comment and share some of your Unicorn Mom stories.

What is your parenting style? There are many types of moms out there.  What kind of mom are you? Find out if you are a Unicorn mom and why you should want to be one. #unicornmom #momtypes #parentingstyles #parenting #HWS #healthywealthyskinny


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15 Replies to “Are You a Fabulous Unicorn Mom?”

  1. I have to say this is one awesome post! Unicorn Mom! What a fab term! What i really enjoyed was reading about how comfortable you are with who you are as a woman and as a mother – that is absolutely priceless! You own who you are in such a lovely manner, expecting yourself in a way that I find inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much Masha! I fell in love with the term when I first heard it. I’ve finally found my people… lol

  2. You’re a fabulous unicorn mom! I really enjoyed reading your post, i love your confidence! I wish I could be like you! Thanks for this!

  3. I definitely identify with this term. I’m a mum who had to realise the hard way about not appearing to have it altogether all the time. It’s exhausting to have to live by other peoples expectations. Now I’m just a mum who comes with the flaws and all and I make no apologies for it 🙂 I can definitely tell you have a sense of humour because I had a big smile reading through this post. I’m a unicorn mum who just can’t handle alcohol, so I don’t drink 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this, very refreshing xoxo

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