High Metabolism – Does Yours Need a Boost?

Health / Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

We all want a high metabolism to help us fight off unwanted calories so that we can eat what we want and not gain weight. Unfortunately, this is not the norm.

In reality many of us suffer from multiple factors that have lowered our metabolism. But the good news is there are ways to fix it.

It’s a common myth that those with a fast metabolism are just born with it. It is also common thinking that once you get older you are stuck with low metabolism and there is nothing you can do about it.

It’s time to bust these metabolism myths…

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High Metabolism - Do you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism? Discover the signs of a high metabolism and the signs of a low metabolism. Find out your metabolism type and how to raise your metabolism with some metabolism boosting tips. #highmetabolism #fastmetabolism #raisemetabolism #lowmetabolism #slowmetabolism #HWS #healthywealthyskinnny

Do You Have High Metabolism or Low Metabolism?

Determining where you fall on the metabolism spectrum can be done by looking at the signs that your body shows you.

Here are a few common traits that are found with people who have a fast metabolism and in turn those with a slow metabolism.

Keep reading to determine your metabolism type.

High Metabolism Signs

High Metabolism Signs

Having a high metabolism means your body burns energy from food at a fast rate. Let’s touch on a few fast metabolism symptoms.

People with a fast metabolism can be characterized by their ability to lose weight easily and burn fat. They are able to maintain a healthy muscle mass and appear mentally and physically strong.

Those with a speedy metabolism have mental clarity and sustained energy throughout the day. They are not pestered with things like brain fog and fatigue.

For the most part, having a high metabolism is a great thing. However, there are some people with very fast metabolisms that have problems with gaining weight.

How to gain weight with a high metabolism

How can you gain weight with a high metabolism?

Gaining weight with a fast metabolism takes planning an effort. Just as if you were trying to lose weight.

It is important that you determine methods to gain healthy weight. Just eating tons of junk food calories isn’t the right choice.

If you have a naturally fast metabolism you should eat at least 3 healthy well-balanced meals a day. You should also include healthy snacks between meals.

Other ways to add on healthy weight is to use free weights and do weight resistance exercise. As well as practice meal planning to ensure that you do not skip any meals.

Low metabolism signs

Low Metabolism Signs

A low or slow metabolism can be caused by many different health issues. Your body will tell you when something is out of whack. All you have to do is recognize the signs.

Here are the major signs that your metabolism has slowed down…

  • Weight loss resistance
  • Unbalanced blood sugar
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal issues

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to lose weight? You work out and eat right but you still have that tummy that won’t go away. This is a sign that your metabolism is low.

Another sign of a slow metabolism is heavy cravings for sugar and carbs. Your need for snacks is very high and you often have a mid-day crash. These symptoms could mean that your blood sugar is unbalanced.

Gas, bloating, and heartburn are all digestive issues are signs that your metabolism is low. Gut issues are very common and they destructive to your entire body.

Believe it our not a low metabolism can also mess up your hormones. Dry skin, hair loss, and feeling cold all the time are tell tell signs of a slow metabolism.

How to speed up your metabolism

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Right now you might be thinking …. OMG my metabolism is slow!

If so, no worries!

Let’s move on to how to fix a slow metabolism.

With a few lifestyle changes, you can speed up your metabolism and get rid of the bad symptoms that result from a low metabolism. Clean eating results in miraculous changes in the body.

Here are a few tips to get a high metabolism:

How to speed up your metabolism - Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast

A healthy breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and gives you energy all day. Keep in mind that breakfast isn’t a time of day.

The first meal that you eat that “breaks the fast” is considered your breakfast. No matter what time you eat it, make sure your first meal of the day is a healthy meal.

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How to speed up your metabolism - No food 3 hours before bed

No Food 3 Hours Before Bed

You want your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugar. One way to accomplish this is to not eat any food at least 3 hours before bed.

This starts your body on the 12-14 hour fast it needs to burn fat as you sleep.

How to speed up your metabolism - drink water

Drink Water

I’m sure you’ve heard that your body needs water. But did you know that drinking 48 oz of cold water can raise resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily?

Being even a little dehydrated can decrease your energy and cause brain fog.

How to speed up your metabolism - get enough sleep

Get Enough Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep for your body will work wonders in boosting your metabolism. If you are tired all the time, this is a sign that your body needs help. Sleep is important for keeping the body happy and healthy.

How to speed up your metabolism - Eat protein rich foods

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Foods such as almonds, avocados, eggs, chicken, turkey, tuna and greek yogurt are rich in protein and will help raise your metabolism. Research has shown that protein can increase your post-meal calorie burn by as much as 35%

Consider the myths busted. You now know that no matter who you are or what your age is you can have a high metabolism.

You know what to do… get started on the road to feeling better.

Leave a comment and share if you have a high metabolism or a low metabolism based on the signs that your body is showing you.

Signs you are suffering from low metabolism |  Do you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism? Discover the signs of a high metabolism and the signs of a low metabolism. Find out your metabolism type and how to raise your metabolism with some metabolism boosting tips. #highmetabolism #fastmetabolism #raisemetabolism #lowmetabolism #slowmetabolism #HWS #healthywealthyskinnny

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8 Replies to “High Metabolism – Does Yours Need a Boost?”

  1. Being a Hypothyroid and PCOS fighter, I understand what low metabolism and hormonal imbalance can cause to the body. Eating healthy food, meal planning, regular exercise, good deep sleep ,eating protein rich food all are so important to keep up with normal metabolism. Thanks for reminding.

  2. Now I am wondering if I really have low metabolism or high metabolism, but I have always thought I have high metabolism. With these signs mentioned, I could assess myself well. 🙂

  3. After my third baby I felt like my metabolism slowed way down. Some of these tips I practice but some I wasn’t aware of (like the no eating 3 hrs before bed). I’m excited to try all of them now! Thanks for this post 💙

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