Summer Drink Recipes for Hot Summer Parties

Recipes / Friday, June 1st, 2018

Being the Unicorn Mom that I am I couldn’t let summer go by without sharing my favorite cool and satisfying summer drink recipes.  Graduations, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or just a summer gathering with friends and family are all great reasons to throw a summer party.  No summer party is complete without fruity, slushy, cold drinks.


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summer drink recipes


Essential Accessories

To make the best cool summer drinks you’ll need a few key accessories.  Frozen drinks require a great blender.  I am completely and utterly in love with my Ninja Professional Blender.  It creates the perfect slushy drinks ranging from slightly crunchy to icey and smooth.  It’s also great for your daily smoothies before or after your workouts.

Here are a few accessories you might need:


Summer Drink Recipes for Hot Summer Parties


Summer Fruit Wine Slush

This refreshing and easy to make white wine slushy is perfect for any summer party or just for having drinks with a good friend.

Get the Recipe >>> Summer Fruit Wine Slush by Modernly Morgan

summer drink recipe

Image Source:  Modernly Morgan

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Red White & Blue Wine Slushies

These red, white, and blue wine slushies are raspberry and blueberry flavor.  They are delicious and perfect for your Fourth of July holiday Barbecue.

Get the Recipe >>> Wine Slushies

wine slushies

Image Source: A Turtle’s Life for Me


Frozen Watermelon Mules

Now, who doesn’t like Watermelon on a hot summer day?  Delish has an extra slushy frozen watermelon mule recipe that turns this favorite summer fruit into a cool summer drink.

Get the Recipe >>> Frozen Watermelon Mules

summer drink recipes

Image Source: Delish


Pineapple Lemonade Sangria

Pineapple… Lemonade… and Sangria… Oh My!  These flavors all scream… SUMMER IS HERE!  You’ll love these flavors fused together in this perfect summer cocktail.

Get the Recipe >>> Pineapple Lemonade Sangria

summer cocktail recipes

Image Source: Fake Ginger


Strawberry Mango Mimosas

Can you say yummy!  I am in love with these strawberry mango mimosas.  They are the perfect start to any summer day.

Get the Recipe >>> Strawberry Mango Mimosas

summer drink recipes

Image Source:  Happy Go Lucky


Tropical Frozen Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

This summer drink will make you feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard.  It’s frozen, tropical, and Blue!  What more can you ask for in a summer drink?

Get the Recipe >>> Tropical Frozen Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

summer cocktail recipe

Image Source: Flour On My Face


Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush

I am team Vodka, so I couldn’t leave out this Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush.  It’s quick and easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients.

Get the Recipe >>> Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush

summer drink recipes

Image Source: Culinary Hill


Pineapple Margaritas

A summer drink list is not complete without Margaritas.  This Pineapple Margarita is a fun twist to give margaritas a summer flare.

Get the Recipe >>> Pineapple Margaritas

summer drink recipes

Image Source:  The Blond Cook


Vodka Watermelon Cooler

This Vodka Watermelon Cooler by Jennifer Meyerling tastes great and is beautiful to look at.  This drink will wow your guests with its fancy watermelon look and delicious flavor.  I just love the little green layer on the bottom. 🙂

Get the Recipe >>> Vodka Watermelon Cooler

summer drink recipes

Image Source:  Jennifer Meyerling


Blackberry Coolers

If you love blackberries, then you’ll absolutely love these Frozen Blackberry Coolers.  They’ll add a great burst of purpose color and blackberry flavor to any summer gathering.

Get the Recipe >>> Blackberry Coolers

frozen summer drinks

Image Source:


Cheers to Summer!

Summer is here and you are now equipped with a few great summer drink recipes.  Each of these cocktails are cold, fruity, and super easy to make.  Share them with your friends and family and have an awesome summer.

summer drink recipes


Leave a comment and let us know how you liked them.  Also, feel free to share some of your favorite summer drink recipes.


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14 Replies to “Summer Drink Recipes for Hot Summer Parties”

  1. These all sound super refreshing! I love that there are so many fruits incorporated into the drinks, which is just perfect for hot summer days. I’ll definitely have to give some of these recipes a shot.

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. You’re welcome Michelle! I think the fruits and the frozen aspects make these perfect for summer. Some of them can even be made without the alcohol and shared with the entire family.

    1. Hi Michelle! Any of the slushies can be made with your favorite fruit juice instead of the alcohol.

      My daughter loves strawberry lemonade slushies that I make with frozen strawberries, country time lemonade powder, water, and ice. I just add all ingredients to my Ninja and blend. So simple and so yummy ?

  2. OMG! I just want to print these and tape them on my walls. (LOL – not really) I will definitely be trying some of these recipes. I LOVE the summertime. I get a break from work and I can let my hair down.

    1. Lol ?… I know exactly how you feel AmberLynn. Summer is the best! I’ve got the drinks. Now I just need the beach ?.

  3. Wow..! I love wine and I love slushies.. my mouth is watering hahha as a bartender I love making and trying out fun summer drinks and I can not wait to try these out they all look SO good!

  4. Awesome round up! I need to save this and go back to it whenever I have the desire for a yummy summer drink! They all look delicious! Thanks so much for all the fun recipes! ❤️ I often go for the mojito type summer drinks but I’m excited to try something different. ❤️

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